VeChain, Collateral Network Skyrocket: Analysts Predict Outperformance Over Solana in 2023

• Analysts predict that VeChain and Collateral Network could outperform Solana in 2023.
• Solana is down 2.6% despite market recovery, and its new security categorization could limit future growth.
• VeChain has increased in price by 19.56% over the past five days due to Coinbase listing VET and VTHO on their platform. Collateral Network’s token holders have enjoyed a 177% price surge.

Analysts Predict VeChain And Collateral Network Could Outperform Solana In 2023

Predicting the crypto market has become more difficult than ever after recent SEC regulations caused a market-wide collapse with many projects decreasing in value by over 20%. Despite this, three projects are leading the growth: VeChain, Solana, and Collateral Network. Analysts suggest that VeChain and Collateral Network could outperform Solana in 2023 due to its new security categorization potentially limiting future growth.

Solana Is Down 2.6%, Despite Market Recovery

Solana decreased in value by 2.61% over the past 24 hours, just days after analysts predicted it would rise back to $20. This is bad news for Solana holders as it shows that its recovery may not be as smooth as first thought; trading volume has dropped to $250 million and it is now trading at $16.81 — 14.09% lower than one month ago when it was expected to recover following news of a reinvestment from its CEO and an announcement from Indonesian regulators stating that it could be sold in their country.

VeChain Chases A 20% Recovery

Despite decreasing in value during the recent market crash, VeChain is regaining momentum rapidly; increasing in price by 19.56% over the last five days is now trading at $0.01803 — close to pre-crash levels of $0.01972 which could be reached by July if Coinbase’s decision to add two new altcoins (VET & VTHO) speeds up adoption of VeChain in real-world markets given its current Fortune 500 partnerships..

Collateral Network Token Holders Enjoy A 177% Price Surge

Collateral Network’s token holders have enjoyed an impressive 177% price surge due to increased demand for decentralized finance (DeFi) applications with investors expecting DeFi tokens such as COLT & CTTK will remain highly sought after throughout 2022 given their utility across multiple sectors including insurance, banking & eCommerce industries..

Conclusion: Invest In Both Projects To Maximise Growth Potential

With both projects offering huge potential for investors looking for long-term gains holding onto these tokens should bring significant returns over time while investing into both projects will help spread risk while maximising overall growth potential within your portfolio