Soroban’s Stellar Smart Contract Platform Reaches Milestones, Attracts Thousands


  • Soroban is a smart contract platform built on the Stellar network for developers.
  • It offers features like scalability, flexibility, security and performance.
  • It includes built-in contracts and a local sandbox for development and setup.

Soroban – High-Performance Smart Contract Platform

Soroban is a smart contract platform for the Stellar network built last year as a model for developers to build decentralized applications. It was powered by WebAssembly (WASM) and written in Rust with an emphasis on delivering fast, secure, easy-to-use capabilities. The platform allows developers to explore various use cases without compromising on security or performance. As it prepares to launch on the mainnet, the community has already shown strong engagement with thousands of developers building on it.

Features of Soroban

Soroban comes with some noteworthy features that make it an attractive choice for building dApps. These include:

  • Tunable gas model: This feature ensures that there is a direct relation between compute resources and fees.
  • Batteries included developer experience: The platform provides access to tools that simplify the building and testing of Soroban contracts.
  • < li >< b >Scalable design: It can handle current traffic in the Stellar network while also addressing ledger bloat through its state archiving mechanism.< li >< b >Financial rails accessibility : Through existing Stellar tech stack and ecosystem , users gain access to financial services .

    < h2 >Testnet Setup The team behind Soroban has put together detailed instructions on how interested parties can interactively learn about Soroban before launching it on the mainnet . Through its testnet , users get access to tools that make it easier for them to prototype financial applications as well as non -financial ones .

    < h2 >Conclusion Ultimately , with all its outstanding features , Soroban is set up as a powerful smart contract platform that enables more secured decentralized applications . With increasing engagement from developers , this could be one of the most important milestones in blockchain technology .