Gene Simmons has expressed his distrust of the US dollar

9. Februar 2021

A host of recent tweets show that it supports Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies.

More recently, he called himself „God of Dogecoin“, causing prices to rise.

Following Elon Musk’s tweets on Bitcoin and Doge, other celebrities joined the party

First, Elon Musk changed his Twitter profile to „CEO of Dogecoin“. Next, rapper Soulja Boy asked his 5.2 million subscribers what a smart contract was.

Now rockstar Gene Simmons from KISS has called himself „God of Dogecoin“. Presumably, he considers himself the God of DOGE because the title of CEO is already taken by Elon Musk.

On January 31, 2021, the 71-year-old announced that he would invest in cryptocurrencies. In an unusually small tweet, Simmons said he was buying BTC, ETH and LTC. He then added that he bought Dogecoin and XRP .

Since then, the KISS frontman has retweeted a number of sentences involving himself and DOGE.

Dogecoin: The Gospel According to Simmons

Last month, Simmons denounced the American monetary system in an interview with “American Songwriter” . He told an interviewer his thoughts on the US dollar:

“The dollar was based on gold and you can lose a dollar. You cannot lose your cryptocurrency unless, of course, you lose your codes or your password. The banks have nothing to say about it. Governments have nothing to say about it. The world changes.“

Simmons continued to tweet about cryptocurrency until Saturday, February 6, focusing primarily on the memes-based DOGE coin. Two weeks ago, the DOGE saw its price increase by about 800% in a matter of days, as the army of WallStreetBets investors pushed the price up to nearly $ 0.08.

Market manipulation?

Doge is currently trading at $ 0.054, up from around $ 0.03 just a few days ago on February 2. Coingecko shows that DOGE holds the 12th place for best cryptocurrency assets by market capitalization.

Gene Simmons didn’t explicitly tell people to buy DOGE, however. In the „American Songwriter“ interview, Simmons said he wouldn’t tell people what to do with their money so that they wouldn’t blame him, „in case the world ends up upside down.“

It is not immediately clear whether Simmons is attempting to manipulate the asset or any other cryptocurrency for personal gain. After all, with unregulated crypto, a tweet could trigger immediate price changes.

Judging from his interview, the rocker seems genuinely interested in digital assets and blockchain. Likewise, Simmons, who has nearly a million subscribers, can’t count on a massive price hike based on his comments or his investments (which someone, like Elon Musk, might do).